Best Places to Get Tattoos for Women

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Hello all, today I will share some best places for women to get tattoos. Before getting tattoo on the body, we must know that tattoos will hurt your skin no matter what, so we should know the best place to get tattoo on our body.

When you make a choice to getting a tattoo, you want to make sure that it can be hidden for the workspace if necessary. Women have different argument about the best place for getting tattoos on their body. I’m sure about that, so I will give you some recommendation for the place to get the tattoo on your body. Here are some best places to get tattoos on your body, girls.

Inner Wrist

This is a great place to get small tattoos or words tattoos. If you want to get tattoos on this place, make sure to clear of the jewelry until your skin is healed.

Inner Arm

On this place, you can get small feminine tattoos. It looks more feminine for women or girls.

Back Shoulder

I think this placement is best place for get tattoos for women because this place can easily be hidden for work.


Getting a tattoo on this place can really hurt, but this place will make best effect of your tattoo. On this place, you can get relative tattoos. I mean that you can hide or show your tattoo by wearing t-shirt or cute tank top.

Upper back

This place is good choice to get small tattoo or the big one. But, be careful to get tattoo on this place because this place is important part of your body.

That’s all girls. I hope you can choose the best place to get your tattoo on your body. For the design, you can read more about tattoo design on another post in this blog. Thanks for reading.

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